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Supporting Online Learners

Virginia Tech
Managing Remote Classes

The Ohio State University
Online Teaching: Critical Stages for Engagement (webinar)
Online instruction does not necessarily result in online learning. We must include the critical step of engagement. In this 22-minute video, Ohio State University’s Dr. Brian Raison presents his "Top 10" list for improving lectures, and provides additional strategies critical for engaging students via distance education.

Online Teaching: Include Everyone (webinar)
When shifting courses from in-person to online, you can inadvertently isolate one or more students. In this 13-minute video, Ohio State University’s Dr. Brian Raison discusses key strategies to help you recognize this and learn critical methods to help students engage, feel safe, and connect for improved learning.

Online Teaching: Eight Opening Approaches (webinar)
Whether you teach frequently or give only occasional presentations… knowing what your first words will be is a powerful way to connect with your audience. In this 12-minute video, Ohio State University’s Dr. Brian Raison presents eight approaches you can use immediately… in person… and online. 

Online Teaching: Ask Good Questions (webinar)
Asking good questions is 
central to higher level learning. But how can you facilitate that process with an online audience? In this 13-minute video, Ohio State University’s Dr. Brian Raison discusses how we might ask better questions in online classes so we don’t miss opportunities for deeper engagement, learning, and growth.

Online Teaching: Caring for Students and Self (webinar)
As we shift to online instruction and engagement, it’s critical that we care for ourselves AND our students. In this 8-minute video, Ohio State University’s Dr. Brian Raison discusses how we might create a “new normal” and encourage our students to have a successful semester.

Accessing Broadband

RRDC Statement on Rural Broadband Investment:
Rural Broadband Investment Urgently Needed in the COVID-19 Crisis (updated 5-12-2020 to include information on how to get involved)

National Digital Inclusion Alliance
Free and Low-Cost Internet Plans

An interesting number of providers are stepping up to help those without access, especially learners whose education may be interrupted without assistance.
Charter Communications
Will offer free broadband access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students.

Removing data caps associate with their wireless and wired connections - see "Customer Offers"

Increase access and speeds to their Internet Essentials Program ($10/month broadband); new families get 60 days free

Hotspot loan programs made available to K-12 schools for unlimited data; $0.00 device). As of Saturday, March 21 there is no web link available yet. Contact your T-Mobile representative for information. 

Extension Offices
Utilize the wi-fi at Extension offices. Even if the offices are closed, people should still be able to connect from the parking lot.  

Support for Small Businesses

University of California's Cooperative Extension and Western Rural Development Center
A Practical Guide to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act

U.S. Small Business Administration
Disaster Loan Assistance

International Economic Development Council
Webinar: COVID-19 - Preparing for What Comes Next
Monday, March 23, 2020
3:00 PM (ET); 2:00 PM (CT); 1:00 PM (MT); 12:00 PM (PT)

University of Wisconsin
Navigating Coronavirus for Small Businesses

Economic Innovation Group - Blog Post
How to Rescue Main Street from Coronavirus Before It's too Late